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MINES and Associates has been providing cost-saving Managed Behavioral Health Care and robust Employee Assistance Programs for its clients nation-wide for over 25 years while retaining a 98% satisfaction rate with both employers and employees. 

A recent report from the U.S. Surgeon General states that “20 percent of the U.S. population suffers from diagnosable mental disorders each year, but less than half are receiving treatment.”  This alarming statistic brings to light how common it is for these issues to affect the workforce, and simultaneously its productivity.  MINES’ goal is to work as a partner with its clients to make sure every employee is aware of their behavioral health benefits, can access them easily, and can bring about a change in their overall productivity and wellbeing. We believe that employees are an organization's most valuable resource. When an employee has a personal problem that affects job performance, it becomes everyone's problem.

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Vision & Mission

To make a positive contribution to our fellow human beings and to the planet through service and education. Each act we perform is done mindfully and with great loving-kindness.

To make a positive contribution for those we serve through the application of psychological and other scientific methodologies, theory, and research. To provide the highest quality psychological service in order to ensure our clients the most favorable outcome in the least restrictive manner.

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