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Work performance problems affect businesses of all sizes.

This online video training with certificate of completion is designed to assist the supervisor, manager, and/or owner in identifying, addressing and rectifying workplace performance problems.

Click here to download a PDF companion manual for the Supervisor Training videos listed below.

 Video: Introduction   (3:25)
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 Video: The 5 Step Model   (12:29)
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 Video: Confrontation Role Play   (8:25)
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 Video: Additional Considerations   (12:44)
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Click here to proceed to the test.

At the completion of this session, you should be able to:

  • Understand how the MINES program is a management tool.

  • Recognize the indicators of a job performance problem.

  • Identify methods for documenting patterns or trends in the decline of job performance.

  • Identify how an individual's job performance can also impact the performance of the manager or supervisor.

  • Identify when it is appropriate to refer someone for work performance case management.

  • Identify techniques that will aid you in constructively approaching the employee.

  • Use appropriate procedures for referring a person to work performance case management.

Good Daily Supervisory Practices:

  • Continual assessment of yours and employees' strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice effective communication skills.
  • Use of the MINES program as a management tool.
  • Use appropriate procedures for referring a person to work performance case management.

For information about our other training programs, please contact:

Marcia Kent
President, BizPsych
800-873-7138 ext. 4988
Send email to Marcia

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