MINES is one of the first behavioral health care firms to partner with onsite medical clinics to provide behavioral health services. We work with national partners to provide onsite therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists as needed by the clinic.

This is a clinically and cost-effective care with easy access for the patient. MINES also provides a virtual hybrid onsite clinic model for those employees who are remote or not able to access the clinic due to geographic or personal limitations.

The onsite clinics serve an important and critical need for access to care. When we have done “secret shopping” to access service in various metropolitan areas it is concerning how long therapist wait lists are, how many therapists did not bother to call back at all, and how many were not taking new patients.

MINES provides mental health services for onsite medical clinics. This can be on a full or part-time basis for onsite as well as near-site or virtual clinics. Blocks of hours can be purchased to guarntee access during specific hours orf need.

Our hybrid model uses onsite therapists for part of the clinic services and supplements the services with a MINES contracted affiliate provider.

MINES provides virtual access as a complimentary set of support services for those employees who cannot access the onsite services due geographical or personal limitations.

Managed Mental Healthcare (Utilization Review and Complex Case Management) These services are used for behavioral health carveouts with self-insured employers. The treatment for inpatient, residential, and partial hospitalization are authorized by MINES based on medical necessity. MINES achieves significant cost savings for the employer while ensuring the patient is getting appropriate care.

MINES specialty behavioral health PPO network consists of over 23,000 provider and facilities locations throughout the US. Self-insured employers lease the PPO network to improve access to care, benefit from fee discounts and reduce their overall claims costs.

For questions regarding these services, to utilize these services, or to request a quote, please contact MINES and Associates at 1-800-873-7138 or Email Us and a MINES Team member will be happy to assist you.



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